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Available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Private Property Impound Solutions

Today's Solution to YOUR Parking Problems

Western Towing understands that providing adequate parking to residents, visitors, patrons, and homeowners can alone be a difficult task. Vehicle owners who disregard parking regulations can only add to the parking problems that already exist on your property. Illegally parked and/or abandoned vehicles can cause an unsafe, cluttered parking area, creating an inconvenience to you and your residents or homeowners.

That's where Western Towing comes in...

  • We offer a wide variety of complimentary services aimed at providing you with convenient and quick solutions to most parking problems:


    • Illegally parked vehicles in assigned, visitor, or management spaces
    • Inoperable or abandoned vehicles
    • Unwanted commercial or recreational vehicles
    • Vehicles parked in disabled spaces without proper placard
    • Double parking, blocking garages and dumpsters, or illegal tandem parking
    • Offenders of fire lane/red zone areas

  • All of these common parking problems can be reduced and/or eliminated by utilizing Private Property Impound along with Western Towing's Complimentary Services, including AT NO CHARGE:


    • Parking Permits (window decals or hanging placards) to be used for residents, management, visitors, vendor/commercial vehicles, or other temporary vehicles parked on your property
    • Tow Away Signs customized for the parking regulations of your property, along with free installation and replacement
    • Painting of red zones and fire lanes
    • We currently tow for a large majority of Security Companies in San Diego County and can provide referrals for your property
    • Digital photographs of every vehicle towed from your property documenting the violation
    • Certificate of insurance
    • Discounted service calls for your residents, including: jumpstarts, tire changes, lock-outs, and towing to your resident's preferred repair facility
    • 24-hour state-of-the-art Customer Service Center
    • 9 Locations throughout San Diego to provide convenient access to towed vehicles.

  • In addition to the parking solutions and complimentary services provided by Western Towing, a private property impound solution can be beneficial your property in a number ways:



    • Signage can provide added security to your property
    • Enforcing fire lanes can help you avoid possible fines from local authorities
    • Removing inoperable and/or abandoned vehicles can prevent a possible decline in property value
    • Impounding illegally parked vehicles can provide a more secure legal parking area for your community

Western Towing has the ability to help you solve your parking problems. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for immediate impound or to address any of your questions or concerns.


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